Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jamani, tuliachiwa reli nzuri na wakoloni, tukaizembea hadi ikaoza.  Sasa inabidi warudi kuifufua zaidi ya miaka 50 ya Uhuru. Tunasonga mbele, au tunarudi nyuma?  Ufisadi unaharibu nchi!


Central Line Train in Tanzania

Kutoka The Guardian:

Germany Willing to Support Revival of Central Railway

By Khalfan Said

28th September

The German government is ready to support the reviving of the ailing central railway line, the ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Klaus Peter Brandes has revealed.

Speaking at the embassy in Dar es Salaam yesterday, during the questions and answers session at a news brief on the upcoming second African Logistics Conference, (ALC), the envoy said, “If the government of Tanzania thinks that Germany can participate in reviving central railway line, we are ready,” he affirmed.

The envoy also said his government has been supporting many projects like water and electricity, as those were the projects picked by the government of Tanzania to receive assistance from German. “So far the government of Tanzania has not yet asked for German’s support on the re-built central line,” he clarified.

The Central Line (formerly named by German as: Tanganjikabahn or Mittellandbahn) was the second railway project coming into existence in the colony of the then German East Africa after the Usambara Railway, it runs west from Dar es Salaam to Kigoma via Dodoma and another route leads to Mwanza.

“I would be more than happy to see the minister for transport, Dr Harrison Mwakyembe when he comes back from Germany where he went to get the German experience on railway sector.” Ambassador Klaus said.

Currently Dr Mwakyembe is on a work trip in German.

Speaking about the ALC event which will take place later next month in Dar es Salaam, Ambassador Klaus said, the conference comes in a crucial moment as Sub-Sahara Africa faces some unique opportunities as well as challenges in terms of logistics and supply chain managers and humanitarian logisticians in particular.

Briefing the media on the aim of the conference, Dr. Jennifer Schwarz, from Swiss based Kuehne Foundation, said in addition to traditional logistics topics like “Railway and Development” the conference will cover mainly subjects like, capacity building in humanitarian logistics, food security and distribution in Eastern Africa.

The conference that will take place on October 4 to 5 this year has been organized by the foundation and the National Institute of Transport, (NIT), with support from various stake holders including the German embassy.

On his part, NIT director general, Elifadhili Mgonja, said the conference will bring together experts across the globe in railway transportation and humanitarian logistics. “The main objective is to share among participants the expertise, experiences and intelligent planning tools on how best the Tanzania railway sub sector could be molded to serve better the individual country’s economy.” He said.

The history of railways in Tanzania goes way back in time during the German colonial era in the early 1880s’ the first ever railway line in East Africa was built by the Germans from Tanga.


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