Monday, June 18, 2012


  • Yaani unaambiwa ni utapeli kila mahali. Kuanzia waganga wa kienyeji kama huyu mpaka makanisani kwa "maaskofu" wanaokutaka utoe kila kitu ulichonacho ili upate mibaraka ya Mungu. Kwenye siasa huko sasa ndiyo usiseme...Na yule wa chini kabisa katika mfumo huu wa kitapeli naye akamtapeli nani? Pengine wengine itabidi tujifunze kutapeli familia zetu au kujitapeli sisi wenyewe. 
  • Na hili vuguvugu la Freemasons linalopigwa kila leo hapa Bongo nalo ni nini? Mara Ooh Freemasons wataiangamiza dunia 2012, mara hivi. Mbona huko kwa wenzetu hatuyasikii haya kuhusu hawa Freemasons? Japo ni kweli kwamba Freemasons ni kundi lenye usiri na utata mkubwa - tena lililosheheni memba wenye nguvu kihistoria na hata wakati huu, ni kweli wana uwezo wa kuiangamiza dunia? Kulikoni Bongo? Kwa nini utapelitapeli na kutishana namna hii?  
  • Tazama HAPA kwa mjadala mkali kuhusu hawa Freemasons kwa mtazamo wa Kiafrika. Maelezo ya kina kuhusu hawa Freemasons na imani zao yapo HAPA. Unaweza pia kusoma HAPA kuhusu mashirika mengine yenye nguvu na usiri mkubwa kama hawa Freemasons HAPA.


  1. Free masonry is just a men's fraternity jamani!!

    Go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freemasons for more.

    General requirements

    Generally, to be accepted for initiation as a regular Freemason, a candidate must:[20]
    Be a man who comes of his own free will.
    Believe in a Supreme Being (the form of which is left to open interpretation by the candidate).
    Be at least the minimum age (from 18–25 years old depending on the jurisdiction. In some jurisdictions the son of a Mason, known as a "Lewis," may join at an earlier age than others).
    Be of good morals, and of good reputation.
    Be of sound mind and body (lodges had in the past denied membership to a man because of a physical disability; however, now, if a potential candidate says a disability will not cause problems, it will not be held against him).
    Be free-born (or "born free", i.e., not born a slave or bondsman).[59] As with the previous, this is entirely an historical holdover, and can be interpreted in the same manner as it is in the context of being entitled to write a will. Some jurisdictions have removed this requirement.
    Be capable of furnishing character references, as well as one or two references from current Masons, depending on jurisdiction.

    Some Grand Lodges in the United States have an additional residence requirement, candidates being expected to have lived within the jurisdiction for a certain period of time, typically six months.[60]

    Having been elected and initiated, a member may subsequently resign from membership if he so desires. Additionally, the fraternity may either suspend or expel a member for cause.

    Membership and religion

    Freemasonry explicitly and openly states that it is neither a religion nor a substitute for one. "There is no separate Masonic God", nor a separate proper name for a deity in any branch of Freemasonry.[29][61]

    Regular Freemasonry requires that its candidates believe in a Supreme Being, but the interpretation of this term is subject to the conscience of the candidate. Consequently, Freemasonry accepts men from a range of faiths, including (but not limited to) Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Sikhism. As a result, Freemasonry uses Volume of the Sacred Law (VSL) as a generic term for a religious book. As UGLE-based Freemasonry also requires that a VSL be present on the Altar, many Lodges have multiple VSLs available, and a candidate can be obligated on his book of choice.

    Since the early 19th century, in the irregular Continental European tradition (meaning irregular to those Grand Lodges in amity with the United Grand Lodge of England), a very broad interpretation has been given to a non-dogmatic Supreme Being; in the tradition of Baruch Spinoza and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – or views of The Ultimate Cosmic Oneness – along with Western atheistic idealism and agnosticism.

    The form of Freemasonry most common in Scandinavia, known as the Swedish Rite, accepts only Christians.[62]

  2. let me hear from you

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