Friday, November 22, 2013

Then you can apply to the Tigo Reach for Change Program. If selected you will receive financial support (beginning with seed funding of $25,000 in Year 1) as well as coaching from experienced business people to help you turn your idea into a sustainable venture.

Important Dates

  • 2013 Application Period: Now Open
    Deadline: 11:59pm, November 29th

    Our selection criteria

    Ideas we are looking for must:

  • Be innovative, creative, and fresh
  • Be early-stage or ready to grow
  • Be something doable, clear & focussed
  • Have potential for great social impact for children
  • Have potential to be system changing
  • Be scalable in order to reach many children 
  • Have a sustainable financing plan

    The person we are looking for must have:

  • Entrepreneurial skill, such as being result-driven, goal oriented, pragmatic, and flexible.
  • Leadership skills; being able to inspire others and get other people involved.
  • A strong passion for social change to transform the world for children and a burning desire to make a difference.
  • You must also be the leader of the organisation established to bring this idea into reality.
Finally, please note that excellent ideas based around the use of Tigo's core competencies and/or technologies (ICT, mobile solutions and/or business development), will have an advantage over equally excellent ideas which do not relate specifically to any of these things. However, what is most important is that the idea has great potential to significantly improve the lives of many children. Therefore ideas which have the most potential to create the biggest change for the largest number of children, will have the greatest advantage, whether or not they make direct use of Tigo's core competencies or technologies.

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